Duke Absalom
Name: Sir Duke Absalom
Codename: Sir Duke
Age: Uknown but looks about 25.
Ethnicity: Persian
Origin: Training and Technology
Gender: Male
Team/agency affiliation: Independent (subject to change)
Experience: Was built with them

Physical Description in costume: A Silverish Black metallic plated arms and legs, Black torso up to neck (but with his dark brown skin exposed). Red Helmet with green metallic ears.

Physical description civilian: Wears all black attire. Black shoes, black shirt with collar, and black khakis.

Energy Manipulation (Offensive & Defensive)
Matter Creation (Melee Weapons Only)
Cyberkinesis (interface with machinery)
Super Speed (Sublight)
Super Strength (.5 tons)

Skills: MMA

Occupation: Wanderer
Highest level of education: College level


Subject: Sir Duke Absalom
Home: Absalom City
Status: Walking Dead

Notes: A level 7 event happened, sucking up half the city. Duke was one of them. He was transported to another dimension. What saved him was a small module he held onto for his dear life. He tried to let go but the module bonded to him-made him stronger-gave him a power he never had. But Duke was for certain that being exposed to the substance known as Dark Matter in the wake of the level 7 was the cause of it but last he knew, it was killing him. He woke up in one of Weston City's hospitals. He believes this world is his new home.

Subject: Sir Duke Absalom
Home: Absalom City Weston City
Status: Walking Dead Cyborg