Marcus McMann
Name: Marcus McMann

Codename: Mob

Age: 24

Ethnicity: Caucasian and Chinese

Origin: Parahuman

Gender: Male

Team/agency affiliation: None

Experience: Marcus has had his powers since he was seven and is highly proficient with them.

Physical description civilian: Marcus doesn't like to wear a costume. He prefers well-tailored high-end suits and on occasion disguises himself in more mundane clothing. He has salt and pepper hair, despite being so young. His facial features are sharp. He has lightly tanned skin, bright blue eyes, and a leanly muscled body.

Self-duplication: Marcus is able to create clones of himself. These clones share his appearance and personality.
Remote Viewing: Marcus is able to perceive everything his clones can perceive.
Soul Transfer: If the primary Marcus is killed his soul transfers into his nearest clone, giving him effective immortality so long as he has a living clone when he dies.

Skills: Marcus is a gifted socialite, having a magnetic charisma. He is also a trained fighter, being slightly above average.

Occupation: Trust fund baby

Highest level of education: College

Background: Marcus was the only child of a successful business tycoon. His mother died when he was three. After her death Marcus's father became distant, throwing money at him whenever he needed something. He was given a tutor instead of going to school and never really left his family's lavished mansion. He had an incredibly lonely childhood and longed for someone his own age to interact with.
When he was seven there was a fire that consumed his home. He barely managed to make it out by flinging himself from his third story window. Marcus spent the next several months in the hospital. When he was released his life of loneliness resumed. Or at least it would have had he not discovered something incredible.
When alone in his room and wishing for someone to talk to, Marcus suddenly found that he was looking at another boy. This boy looked identical to Marcus. He was so amazed that he hardly questioned what had happened, quickly engaging his clone excitedly. Over the next few years, Marcus discovered that he was capable of creating clones of himself. He learned to look through his clones eyes and to transport his mind from clone to clone.
Shortly after his twelfth birthday, Marcus's father caught him using his power. He was amazed, terrified, and confused all at the same time. He immediately informed his son he was never to reveal his abilities to anyone. He was very adamant about this, not wanting it to get out that his son was some kind of freak.
Despite his ability to create his own companions, Marcus still wanted to meet new people his age. When he was sixteen, Marcus managed to convince his father to let him attend a private school. The other students took some time to warm up to Marcus, but eventually, he learned how to persuade, manipulate, and gain the trust of other people. Still, the other kids found him odd. More than once he was caught having conversations with himself, explaining it away as practicing for a presentation.
Marcus lived with his secret power for many years, only ever using it in private but always having a single clone staying at home in case he encountered some danger. After he graduated college Marcus decided to move to Weston City, to his father's disagreement. His father wanted him to join his company but Marcus wanted to do more with his life. Despite his disapproval, Marcus's father still funds his son with the hope that he will someday realize his mistake and come home.