Matt Matthews
Name: Matt Matthews.
Codename: Nothing Yet
Age: 19
Race: Human, Part time Humanoid abomination.
Gender: Male
Team affiliation: Nothing!
Contacts: More nothing!

Creature Desc: It is difficult to look someone in the face, when they have a featureless smooth white chitin surface for one.  Seven feet tall, this humanoid figure looks like a white insect's attempt at human shape.  Dull white segmented armor plates make up most of his body, with a light gray flesh making up the joints and seams.  Short claws are found in the obvious spots at the tips of five fingers and toes.
  Most attention getting is the thin segmented scorpion like tail growing out of the back of his head down to his waist, spines growing from either side of each segment with a sharp diamond spade for a 'stinger'.  It sways gently even in the absence of a breeze.

  Currently, Matt wears sneakers, gloves, as well as baggy pants and cartoonish Sailfish Stadium hoody to conceal as much of himself from view as possible.  A hole is cut in the neck of the hoodie to slip his tail out of when not hiding it inside the shirt.


Awareness; Matt doesn't "see" or "hear" anymore, so much as have an awareness of everything around him that could be considered in Line Of Sight.  He can't see through walls or anything like that, but one way glass, invisible people, astral projections, infrared lasers, etc fall under his awareness.

Influence Of Structural Stability; Matt subconsciously repairs and locks into a static physical state objects and people he handles or is near to varying degrees.  Dropkick a purse snatcher from a rooftop and only knock them unconscious! Grant a chainsaw indestructible blades.  Don't have to worry about your clothes being destroyed in a brawl.  Pull that orphan out of the burning building without the kid getting burned.  The effects can linger somewhat.
  Does not apply directly to Matt.

Influence Of Metaphysical Stability; A bit more crazy, if subtle.  Matt's influence protects from, and can revert malicious alterations and non-physical assaults.  People can stare medusa in the face with him around, and ghosts can be punched in the face.  Hypnotized Superheros are brought back to their senses and their minds are shielded from prying psychics.  That sort of thing.
  Does apply directly to Matt.

Humanoid Abomination; The only thing Human left about Matt's body is the general shape.  He does not breath, does not eat, does not sleep.  Disease and poison are laughed off.  No organs or bone, Matt is wholly made up of chitinous imitation of flesh simply there to provide a physical presence with which interact with the world.
  Fast enough to grab onto the back of a fleeing car to freak people out like T-1000!
  Agile enough to leap from a rooftop onto a tiny lamp post after backflipping three times!
  Able to crawl on ceilings despite wearing sneakers and gloves half the time!
  Tough enough to find bullets kind of annoying!
  Strong enough to at least tear a streetsign out of the ground! (Up to whatever the GM finds reasonable. Sometimes that amount of strength is fine, other times it seems completely useless when you are surrounded by Superman Clones who also have electromagnetic powers)
  Heals dismembered bits fast enough to be good as new!... After a fight is over. (Really, I just want to avoid huge downtime between scenes when villains inevitably realize they need to treat me like a monster out of Dead Space)

Ponytail Of Doom; That bit about things not growing back until after a fight?  Does not apply here.  Matt's head tail will grow back however much it wants.  Prehensile, stretches out to unreasonable lengths, retractable spines along the segments and a sharp tip that blunts itself when convenient.

Skills: Practiced at fighting Highschool football teams.  Halfway photographic memory.  Selective apathy (It's been really helpful in not completely flipping out over his situation).  Practiced usage of prehensile stretching headtail (He can spell out cursive swear words with it, handy!).

Equipment: Clothes, wallet, Pre-Paid cellphone. A six foot long pipe with one end sharpened, and a small L end on the other.  For whatever reason, be it the first item to be subjected to his powers or the frequent use of it, his pipe has an almost permanent application of Matt's stabilizing influence.

Occupation: Still more nothing.

Highest level of education: Highschool Graduate with halfway photographic memory.

Personality: Matt likes sarcasm, but he's also trying to keep from going into scathing jerkface sarcasm too much (he's not always successful).  He used to be all about the bitter jerk commentary, but events have had him considering long term impressions, like 'what would people say about me at a funeral' and not wanting the answer to be 'Wow, he was such an asshole'.
  Matt may have been kind of a rough and tumble sort through the dark era of life known as high school, but has no criminal outlooks beyond the everyday bits of illegal everyone does (Download a movie, become an international terrorist... Those commercials are weird).  Not to mention wouldn't strike someone over words alone, that's what questioning the parentage of their mother is for.  No Grim and Gritty 90's anti-hero here, he's just got the superpowers of one.

Background: Matt thinks he may or may not have died.  These things happen when you crawl out of your grave.

  Born to Tony Matthews and Mother Susan, the early years of Matt's life were generic outside of (or would that be including?) the death of his Mother.  Who was murdered... Okay that's just what Tony told his 3 year old son, it was really just a divorce.
  Tony stoically dealt with the single father thing, ownership of small civilian tax consultant meant a stable income but less stable amounts of time spent with his Son.  Some therapists would blame the lack of hugs for why Matt became a somewhat troubled youth in highschool.
  Yes, bitterness and sarcasm were the way of life, just as countless other teenagers have done and will continue to do so.  Matt never started any fights, at least according to him, those highschool football players started it.  It was a little hard for the principle to suspend Matt with a straight face, considering Matt's own had puncture wounds from football cleats, but sports jocks, like in old movies, had their perks.
  Fortunately, social problems aside Matt's grades were always wonderful because when you can not only recall all the dumb schoolwork you've read, but properly cite your sources from memory, last minute cram sessions don't happen.  It was thanks to this that he was able to land a small scholarship, so long as he applied by X date.  Show of hands, who thinks he made that date?... Yeah, didn't think there would be any takers.

  It was a warm and clear night, the night before that was the dark and stormy one.  Matt out and about intent on dropping off his application forms in an overnight mail box.  The wait for a walk signal as boring and eternal seeming as ever, the inevitability of jaywalking took hold of the little old lady pushing her little wire cart of groceries.  The walk signal kicked in four seconds later anyways.
  Not that this seemed to matter to the blue sports car going full speed and indecisive of what lane they would like to drive in (all of them, seemed the preference).  So Matt, being the basically decent thug of a guy he was, rushed out and yanked the little old lady back to the sidewalk...  What?  You thought he was going to leaping push her, and then get hit by the car?  Don't be stupid.

  Matt was hit by the car because the little old lady shoved him into the street from behind screaming "RAPE! RAPE! THIEF!".  He sure didn't see that coming, but he did see the car as he bounced off the hood, over the roof, and into the gutter.  To her credit, the little old lady called 911 after.  However, she then stole Matt's wallet and fled the scene.  We hope her funeral is a lonely one.  Because Matt's funeral sure was.

  One week later, one dazed and confused monstrosity punched its way out of his six feet under napping spot.  To Matt's credit, he only spent three minutes screaming (then two minutes wondering how he was screaming without a mouth or any apparent breathing).  Matt took a detour to "Borrow" some clothes from a salvation army donation bin, and returned home in the dark of night to find the place already abandoned, sold, and cleared out of everything.

  Currently, Matt takes out his frustration lurking in the night treating petty street criminals like he's freaking Batman (Well, closer to a Ninja Turtle really) to keep his mind off his problems of being a homeless freak with no ties to anyone or anything.  He's hoping some Supervillain locates and tries holding his father hostage just so he can point and laugh.