Real Name: Regina Cordoff

Nick Name: Jeannie

Code Name: Starshard

Gender: female

Age: 28

Affiliations none at this time

Occupation: Air Force pilot, interstellar adventurer, crimefighter

Personality: Regina can be very subdued and quiet most of the time, but when someone or something that she cares for is threatened, it unleashes a side of her, a silent and controlled anger that can only be seen to be believed. When she is outside of costume, she is timid and shy, even to those that she cares about.

As Starshard, Regina is a lot more assertive, sometimes even stepping up to lead in some instances. She is also more likely to speak what she is thinking, whether it be for good or ill. She is also more boisterous as Starshard, but even she is unsure if this is due to her having powers or not.

Appearance (Two paragraphs minimum): Regina herself stands about 5 foot 6 and weighs about 130 pounds. She has long flowing blond hair and piercing green eyes. She likes to dress casually, usually in jeans and either a t-shirt or tanktop.

As Starshard, she shimmers in a full body blue jumpsuit with what appeared to be a yellow sun in the middle and a yellow star on the right and the left. She is also wearing domino-style mask, which allows her hair to flow freely.

Powers: flight (supersonic), high damage resistance, can generate a force bubble to enable breathing in places with no air for a limited time (in space, for example), and energy projection (usually light). She also can create a great blast of light, but in so doing, it leaves her vulnerable for an extended period of time while she recovers from it. She can also use the light energy to amplify her punches.

Limitations: She cannot maintain the force bubble longer than 3 hours (sometimes less when she is in deep space), her energy blasts are not as strong when starlight is not present, and her resistance begins to dissappear slowly when either sunlight or starlight is not present.

Weaknesses: There is one glaring weakness aside from the limitations above that Starshard has: if she is engulfed in total darkness, her abilities begin to completely drop off, including her high resistance. Overexposure could eventually lead to her death. In addition, black "Stardust" also fulfills the same purpose when she is exposed to it.

Likes: guys, justice, interstellar peace, planes, other heroes

Dislikes: bullies, injustice, warfare (unless there is no other recourse), supervillains

Quirks: overshyness, meakness, sometimes lacking a sense of humor

Relationships: Regina's parents are divorced. She has a younger half-brother (Seth) and an older sister (Sybil). She was close at one time with an Air Force Colonel, James Richardson, but now they are on a friendship basis.

About as close to the actual look as I could get...