Dragon Fist
Name: Lucas Martinez
Codename: Dragon Fist
Age: 40
Race: Hispanic
Gender: male
Team affiliation-Legacy Of Weston
Contacts-Friday Winters, Gene "Flip" Bowen
Physical Description in/out of costume: Lucas Martinez stands about 5' 10 and weighs 170 lbs, dark brown hair with white highlights on both sides and brown eyes. When he calls upon the power of The Dragon Fist, the entire suit of armor is a dark blue, with epaulets from traditional ancient Chinese armor, both of them bearing upward fists in a circle as a symbol. On the chest is a dragon's head symbol with a forward facing fist in the middle of it. The upper body contained a dragon-head shaped helmet down to the nose, and the rest was covered with a silver full face mask, and eye holes which glowed with azure energy. Not the least of which was the set of dual draconic wings which came out of his back.

Powers: (only in super hero form)He can charge his fists and feet with mystical energy to make his blows hit harder. Also can summon a sword made of chi. He does have enhanced strength of which he can lift up to 1/2 a ton. He also has winged flight thanks to a pair of draconic wings that come out of his back. He can unleash a fiery bolt of combined fire and lightning (but this is only used as a last resort) which does a great amount of damage but does leave Lucas vulnerable for an extended period of time. He also can sense people by the color of their chi: black for evil, white for good, and gray for those that might not necessarily be good or evil.

Skills: Lucas is a talented martial artist, proficient in Goju-Ryu, and is now a fourth degree black belt. He has also studied the art of Northern Shaolin Kung Fu and Jeet Kune Do. He also is adept at computer use and philosophy.
Occupation: Lucas works at a communications company specializing both in radio and satellite programming. He also teaches Goju-Ryu part-time at one of the local dojos.
Highest level of education: some college