Olven Wolf
Olven is a young man of twenty-two with close-cropped, reddish-brown hair and dark brown eyes. He is about 5'10", 168 lbs. His skin is dark from prolonged exposure to the sun. He wears a mail shirt and coif, and wears a shield on his back. When not in armor, he wears a brilliant blue fine woven cotton shirt, with silk brocade and ruffles at its nect and sleeves, linen trousers, and calf's leather boots. A large knife is strapped to his leg in a sheath inlaid of pearl, and he wears an axe on his belt. He grips a long spear in his right hand. He wears a gold ring embossed with a wolf's head on his right ring finger.

Although now a lord, the Baron of March Crossing, he still places great store on keeping his word. He is serious and focused, but he likes to relax and enjoy the company of women, drinking companions, and his comrades. At one time he wished to become the captain of a lordís guards, but now he is trying to the duties of his new role.

Olven is chivalrous, quick and agile, and his mind, although not terribly inquisitive, is sharp. He is strong, and his body is healthy. He is good at improvisation and adaptation, but he canít resist a pretty smile or a tall drink of ale. He is religious and believes that the gods have their own will that mortals have trouble understanding, and heís fine with that. If the gods want the mortals to understand, theyíll make their will known. He follows the High God, the god of Order and Creation.