Augustus Spotswood
A thin, weak looking tinhorn.  His hair is black, with a general effort made to appropriately part and comb it down.  A bit pale and sallow-cheeked, his face and lips even have a sickly bluish tint.  His eyes are dark and he tends to stare, though his left eye has developed a habit of twitching alot.  It's a little disconcerting.  An attempt to remain clean shaven is also made, usually successful.  Dressed in a worn, but serviceable black Birmingham pinstripe sack coat and pants, with a yellow and red silk paisley waistcoat.  White shirt and starched collar, with a black tie.  His boots are sturdy, but quite scuffed and scarred.  A somewhat stained handkerchief is always ready, for his all-too-often coughing fits.  When out of doors, a black derby is settled atop his head.

Generally carried in his case or bag, Augustus will occasionally be seen with -

-A modified trumpet.  The bell is slightly wider than normal, with a smaller secondary bell within.  The body of the trumpet seems to contain far more coils and twists of tubing than necessary, with extra valves added in a complex arrangement.  Within the brass tubing is a small copper cylinder, from which a clockwork key extends to allow winding.

-A heavily modified scattergun.  A parabolic dish has been welded to the shortened barrels, with a trio of differently sized tuning forks at the center of the dish.  A thick brass disk sits atop what would have been the breeches, a large clockwork key in the middle.

-An odd box device.  The main body of the device is encased in a rectangular black metal box with a large looping shoulder strap.  From each side of the device sprouts the bell of a horn.  Along its top and sides are an array of valves and dials.  A twist of wires extends up from a socket to an odd round apparatus of brass, coiled steel wire, and a dull gray magnet.  This apparatus is held near the ear by a haphazard arrangement of leather straps.