A half blood of Chinese and Japanese, a woman with raven black hair. Her eyes are slightly sloped upwards in the corners and seems to be watching the world through wary half lidded eyes of emerald green. A feline grace seems to be emmitant around her, that sort of aloof and amused gaze that could befuddle one should they see her face beyond her hat. Her lips or a bit rough from traveling through the western lands, the top  nd bottom or equally thick form a tight line that could almost be considered a disgusted scowl.  the women known only as Gangatsu, is pettite in standing at five foot four and weighing approximately one-hundred and fifteen pounds. Almost seeming to be a delicate woman, yet eyes have not seen the lithe sinewy muscles that clench and flex under her sun marked skin breathing strength.

She adorns a tradition outfit that many seen as 'rice patty clothes'. She wears fabric pants almost like a gi, they hug to the waist and plume out slightly around the ankle with a cuff. A large conical hat covered the top of her head, cover the bun her hair is spiraled into. A pair of wooden, traditional styled sandals hold on to white socks with black chords. A dark scarlet shirt with a yellow trim and black thread clasps cover her chest, the high collar shading her neck and long sleeves  fit to her arm before flaring out by an inch or two to allow comfort  in simple fashion.