Katy Devon
Age: 18
Eyes: Brown
Hair: Reddish Brown
H: 5'5"
W: 145

She's a lovely little thing with a firey wood hue glistening in her hair. Peachy little white damsel with a cheery disposition and a wily spirit of a dreamer. Whimsical and nosy, she goes her own path without really ever meaning to. Milky chocolate eyes and a disarming smile seems all she appears to be armed with, but you step outta line and this little darlin is packing some heat to go! She's lithe and agile, her form curving with gratitiude toward the fitting corset, her humble chest perked up from overbust design that fits slimingly under her apparel. She normally dresses up tothe rich stature of her family lineage, but getting muddy and dust ridden is not something that will damper her fun, it actually seems to make her all the more happy.

North East meet South West!
A little lady from the East whom hopped off from the buggy heading to Lost Angels in deciding to venture new prospects in a world unshealtered from her family. This has lead her to Blackthorn, such a darling name for the little town.

Curious, charming, and rather folksy, a sort of wide eye fascination with dime novels and the Tombstone Epitaphs that told of the wild nature and war running along between the confederates and union soldiers. While Texas isn't the idea place to be, so far she is not disappointed in her decision. People always seem to worry over nothing now a days. While she keeps to herself that she hopes the Northern Union soilders win the tide of battle, you can't really shut this little girl up about cowboys and rustlers... Even though she never seen a cow before, much less a cowboy!