Wildcat Hawkins
An eager young woman with a trim figure who stands at an average height, Katrina “Wildcat” Hawkins seems to have a perpetual snarl on her face, befitting her nickname.  Call her Wildcat, Kat, Katrina, Madam, or Sir, but make dang sure you do it real nice and polite like.

Kat has the poise of confidence and an alert, aggressive stance.  Most of her body disappears beneath the length of her grey duster, but it’s easy enough to see she wears rugged clothes with a stiff off white work blouse tucked into her jeans.  A gunfighter’s rig crosses over her hips, and a tooled leather holster cradles a case hardened Single Action Army with its long blued barrel and stag grips cutting a dynamic profile on its own.  A Sheffield Bowie is tucked into the other side in a cross draw position, its coffin shaped ironwood handle protruding.  She usually has a Winchester rifle slung over her shoulder.

An active lifestyle keeps her in great physical condition.  Kat’s face is oval shaped with cobalt blue eyes and a fine pointed nose, framed by dirty blond hair that’s about shoulder length.  Her hair runs straight and wild as tufts of it poke out from underneath her white Stetson.