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Name: Caleb Cole

Alias: Faust

Age: 27

Height: 6'2"

Weight: 165

Body Markings: Caleb has a barcode tattooed on the back of his neck marking him a former inmate of Galaxy City Maximum Security Prison.

Bio: Caleb Cole grew up in a troubled home in Las Vegas until his mother took him and left his abusive father at age twelve. They traveled around the country, making the best they could of being transients in the totalitarian US state. When he was 14 his mother got into another abusive relationship with a trucker. One night the big fella was coming after Caleb and his mother shot him dead. She was sent to a federal prison and Caleb was relegated to the harsh state orphanage system. He left when he was 16 determined to make a better life for himself.

By age 20 he was a pre-med student at UGC volunteering part time in the emergency room at a local hospital for extra credit. One night a burn victim was brought in and Caleb was left to watch him while a doctor got freed up. To his horror what he took to be the man's skin began to peel off, revealing it's self not as skin but as a skintight bodysuit. The burned dude warned Caleb to destroy it and then died. He couldn't. Over the next few weeks he feared for his sanity as the suit spoke to his mind, promising him power if he would put it on.

One night a very influential professor, someone he viewed as a father figure, was gunned down in a drive-by shooting. In a rage he donned the suit which boosted his neural kinetics and formed an ultra-tough second skin, making him stronger, faster, and tougher than an ordinary human. The suit, calling its self Mephistopheles, turned out to be intelligent. He began using it to fight crime.

Unfortunately his idea of fighting crime is less 'leaving criminals trussed up for the police to find with cute notes pinned to their lapels' and more 'beating them to death and dumping them in the river'. He was caught and sent to Galaxy City Maximum Security Prison for multiple murder and extreme vigilantism. A fact that never ceases to amuse him in his sick way is: he was never in trouble for killing criminals. Merely for doing so un-registered. After two years he was released on a plea bargain: Behave yourself, register like a good boy, and join the New Galaxy City Avengers.