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11:33, 29th May 2024 (GMT+0)


Impulse often wishes that she could get away with a somewhat more discrete identity, but when you need to wear a funny outfit to keep from accidentally blowing up, one is usually a little bit stuck.

She's slightly built, and fair of skin, clearly more nimble then possessing raw destructive power, and her hair is usually cut into a short bob, to look decent enough without needing to worry about it getting in the way.

Ordinarily, she'll be wearing an odd, pink and white bodysuit under whatever she's otherwise going around in, which serves as a limiter to bring the 'Absorption' phase of her meta-gift under some form of conscious control--though when she's actively running out and doing the heroic thing, she'll usually just be tossing any regular clothes, and adding some hardened panels to help minimize the chance of an attack getting through her other defenses.