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Name: Outcast
Real Name: Elizabeth (Liz) Brennan

 Liz is 5'5" tall, about 130 lbs, medium red hair, peircing green eyes, and she has a very athelic and rough and tough build but she is still very feminine and very beautiful. Liz looks about 25 years old and she doesn't talk alot she lets her actions talk for her.
 When not ready for fighting she wears loose clothing covering the build of her body, when ready to fight she wears a vest covered with knives, she carries several guns, and she wears leather pants.
 Liz is a psychic in hiding, she was born during the war and spent alot of time in the 'camps'. She watched as all of her family and friends where executed in front of her. She escaped the camps and was recruited by a group of psychics that turned her into a killing machine. They trained her in martial arts, special forces training and worked on her psychic abilities. they also gave her a experimental serum that was suppose to increase her pschic power.
 Liz's telekinesis was increased greatly but her telepathy seemed to get weaker. Another side effect of the drug was her aging was greatly reduced. She looks about 25 when she is actually about 57 years old. After the experiments she was about to deployed in the war, when the war ended. She was going to be killed but she escaped again and went to the streets.
 She has lived on the streets since then doing whatever it takes to survive. She has done alot of bad things over the years, she has sold her body for sex, she has worked as a killer to name some of the things she has done. She is looking to give a better reputation of psychics in the world and wants to help people.