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Name: Sky Williams
Codename: Psychosis
Height: 5'3"
Eyes: Blue
Hair: Black/Blue

A powerful psychic and telepathic metahuman who was born in secret to prevent being killed by the fascist government. She's grown up in the underground, parentless since she was thirteen, her parents having disappeared by then, presumed dead, though even Sky doesn't know for sure.

She has telepathic abilities, allowing her to mentally communicate with others, along with many other telepathic and telekinetic abilities.

Her mental abilities, however, come with some major drawbacks. In order to generate enough energy to power her mind, she must consume as much food as ten people, even more if she exerts herself. Despite her appetite, she is thin and small as if malnurished. After major battles, or particularly difficult situations, she has been known to sleep for literally days, leaving her vulnerable. The sleep is so deep and absolute, she's woken more than once in a morgue and once in an ice bath, though mentally commanding her body to regrow her kidnies was an easy, albeit slow, task.