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Ray Larkin

Name:Ray "El Loco Gringo"

Appearance: Ray is a tall and very handsome young man with a muscular body that is in such disgustingly good shape that he makes the guys in 300 look like couch potatoes. He possesses a boyish charm with a perfect smile, a strong jawline, straight nose, strong cheek bones and cool, confident dark blue eyes. His hair is short, sandy blond and unruly. His body and face is scarred from his harsh life but these do not take away much from his appearance. The scars on his face are thin and lines the edges of his face along the corner of his jaw and cheeks or appears as nick across the ridge of his nose. His body is also torn up from battles, with bullet holes and marks from shrapnel and stab wounds.

D.o.B Approximately around 2053
Weight:233 lbs
Ethnicity:Scandinavian Caucasian
Blood Type: AB+

Psychological Profile:


Vast Superhuman strength
Superhuman reflexes and reactive ability
Resistance to Kinetic Energy
His body is adapted to survive in many hostile environments
Resistance to radiation
Retarded to aging
Immunity to natural diseases and poisons
Precognitive ability
Able to leap tall buildings in a single bound