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The Judicator

Judicator's people were long known through the galaxy as the Arbiters. They are the third race that once held the light and darkness in check. When the great war started (eons ago) the Arbiters were drawn into it and did all they could to keep order. Of course the power brokers behind each side didn't want the Arbiters involved, so they waged a war of genocide against them. Whenever a battle between the star an darkness people was interrupted by The Arbiters, both sides would temporarily band together to attack the third party. By sheer numbers and determination they managed to wipe out all but a small band of the Arbiters.

That small band was Judicator's ship. He was born and raised on it and lived his entire life there. At that point the Arbiter High Council decided that the survival of their race was paramount to keeping order in the galaxy. They worked in the shadows and developed technology to protect themselves and others from the waring races.

When the massive colony ship was discovered by their enemies a great and epic battle took place. The remaining but diminished Arbiter population fought valiantly for their very lives.

In the end the Arbiters were forced to abandon their ship.  The star and darkness people searched them out one by one and destroyed them.

One lone pod made its way to Earth, its only passenger a young hero of the Arbiters who had been almost fatally wounded in a previous battle. When the two races searched Earth they failed to discover the pod that landed there [thanks to an experimental stealth coating]. Judicator laid in stasis for decades, the last member of his race.

The nanobots in the medical pod slowly repaired his body while searching out samples of DNA from the indigenous population. They fought off disease and aging, creating for him a sustainable corporal body that was suited for survival on Earth.