White Star
Codename: White Star

Characters name: Harrison "Harkon" Jarald

Gender: male

Height: 6'0

Weight: 80kg

Hair: Black as civilian, silvery white as hero

Eyes: Light Blue

Occupation: Astronomer

Distinguishing Characteristics: Athletic build, not a scratch or scar on him, normal complexion, for rest see picture

Likes: Astronomy, History, reading and helping people

Dislikes: Dishonour, closed minded people, tyranny and cowardly villains

Background: Harkon comes from a planet called Saltus on the outskirts of the Shildar empire that had yet been conquered but was soon to be on the verge of war with the Shildar empire, so the planet using their advanced technology and genetic skill started a cloning project that created advanced beings to fight for them but before they could enact the project fully.   The Shilhar empire appeared and started attacking their world so they sent a ship filled with those successful clones, into space so they could go up somewhere safe and come back to free their home world as information and technology was left in compartments of the ship so they'd be able to return.

But along the way the ship run into various spacial phenomena causing the craft to malfunction waking one of the preteen clones to help with flying the ship but accidentally ejecting the boy to a planet called Earth, where he was found by an Australian that he almost killed out of reaction till he was told where he was and so they raised the boy and instilled honour into him.   But much of his heritage and powers remained so he took it on himself to protect the town and country he resided as thanks for taking him in, then one day while out on patrol he spotted another crashing ship realizing it was one of the same he came from White Star went after it.   Upon opening he noticed a young boy of the same heritage as him but from what he could see in the ship diminished powers due to malfunction and had been suspended hence his age, so he brought the boy home with him and his adopted parents took the boy in under the guise of being Harrison's little brother.

Soon White and Moon Star were working together fighting off all kinds of bad guys and along the way found a church with evil undertones but after several scuffles with them they were ordered by their country to back off, so feeling that his government is turning their backs on the people he heads to the U.S where he can be of more use to the people.   So he now lives in the U.S as an astronomer by day and a hero when the time calls and his brother attends school like a normal child in less his help is also needed, and both White Star and Moon Star are registered with Australia though they're not sure if they have to do the same with the Americans but either way they'll still do their duty.

Power(s): Flight, able to reach close fairly fast speed in both running and flying but has yet to be clocked, high environmental adaption allowing him to adapt to any environment including space, high adaption meaning that he can adapt to any situation, Dense/Strong skin thou this doesn't mean he's indestructible but he can take most things quite well like bullets, explosions etc and he can produce star energy from his hands and eyes in forms of blasts, balls, shields and whatever else he can come up with.

Weaknesses: Onyx, Dark Matter and Innocence (ie not allowing people hurt, but I say this goes for a lot of heroes)