Inian is tall young man with a strong build. Like all Xambrian Inian has the same bone white skin, his hair is raven black and he wear it long over his shoulders.  The most striking feature in his face are his eyes, two orbs of pure violet that burn with torment no soul should bear.

Inian is dressed in a set of blue adamant and silver mesh mail, black leather breeches and boots. To his arms he wear a pair of silver mesh gauntlets the call sign of a Xambrian Wizard Hunter. He cover himself with a night black strider cloak. Armed with twin two daggers and a large blade is slung across his shoulders, when drawn the blade is compose of dark metal with runes etched on it and it softly sings a dark lament of woe.

The only bit of color on him is a talisman he wear on a leather string. This odd talisman is a work of gold and bronze with a small green stone, to those familiar with such art it may be recognized as a Sarista earring.