Burne Catweazle

Name: Burne Catweazle

Actor: Angelina Jolie

Alias: Bernie, or Burn, short for Full Burn.

Gender: Female

Homeworld: Bellaphon

Age: "29 and holding"

Born: 2484

Parental Units:


Legal Status: Citizen, Veteran, Pilot.  Excellent credentials on all counts.

"What assets do you bring?"
"I don't see that my body is any of your business.

"Oh!  I thought you said...  Nevermind."

"What I bring, are skills.  And those that I bring are the finest that can be crafted.  If it has electricity running in it's blood than I'm your girl.  I can wire anything from a Sonic Stunner to a holographic game board, or ships systems, including custom interfaces such as the ones on my goblin fighter.  I call him Fchu, it means Vengeance.  And like me, he doesn't tolerate being played with.  So watch how you start the conversation when we meet next time."

Occupations: Interface Wizard.
Ten No Ken. "Heaven's Sword"

"Guaranteed arrival times."
"Arriving in one piece... not so much."

A pilot amongst pilot's.  Her dialect pegs her as having grown up on a Core world. Her long braid of hair is clean.  So are her fingernails, yet there are smudges on her cheeks showing her willingness to get dirty when the needs require it.

Burne is extremely attractive physically.  Her personality in contrast tends to be aloof.  Probably a bit of that cleanliness again.   She also has an annoying way of not paying attention when you are talking to her.  Despite this proud nature tweaked by twitching and uncaring actions, she is able to answer questions when asked, and displays interest in everything those around  her do.

Burne is fiercely competitive about those things she is good at.  She is always seeking those that will challenge her to be a better person.  Before she signs onto something, she makes sure she understands all the parameters and expectations.  She then dedicates all of herself to fulfilling whatever mission she has accepted.

"When it comes to ships, a heavy transport, or CPL is big and slow.  Huge engines, but too much mass to push around easily.  Those small transports are agile, but they don't give em the big engines, so you can't really dart about.  Now a Mid-Bulk Hauler.  Good to big sized engines, and there isn't a whole lot of extra baggage, even when they're at full load.  And if the designer was feeling saucy you can get something with real maneuverability."

"When it comes to my comrades, steel hulls and heavy rail guns couldn't stop me from taking care of those that are counting on me to protect them. In fact-"

"Oh! Look!"

"Did you notice that picture throws off the feng shui of this entire room?"