Jin Chu
Jin is a slender woman of average height, around 5'5" and has a distinctly oriental cast to her features.  Although attractive enough, at first glance she is nothing out of the ordinary.  Her eyes seem to be almost lit from within though and her smile alters her countenance to something more worthy of notice.

She doesn't tend to wear much makeup, perhaps a little eye liner and lipstick on special occasions.  Computers don't much care what you look like and she hasn't had anyone to dress up for in a while.  Her clothes tend towards neat no matter her other circumstances.  Pressed slacks, (Jin is almost never seen wearing a skirt), ankle boots and a shirt under an elegantly embroidered short jacket.  One of her few concessions to elaborate dress.  In colour preference she often wears jade greens or shades of blue but seems averse to wearing plain white under any circumstances.  Jin carries no visible weaponry but is usually seen wearing a pair of fingerless leather gloves which, to those who shake her hand, seem a little heavier than they really ought to be.