Luka Emile Gabor
Luka is a tall, thin man in his early thirties. His skin is dusky despite a life spent almost entirely aboard ship. His large eyes are a green that jumps out from his face and his mustaches are thick and magnificent. When Luka dresses up and intends to impress someone, the ends are waxed up into neat curls.

Luka's shaggy, wavy hair is bound away from his face with a patterned red length of cloth somewhere in between a turban and a bandanna. He usually wears a pair of spacer's overalls, deck boots and his short, brown leather pilot's jacket from his time in the INF. The mandarin collar of the jacket still bears the mark where a single gold bar denoting the rank of a Second Lieutenant once sat.

No matter what he wears, it is always decorated in a somewhat garish fashion with souvenir buttons, pins, lengths of fabric from the hem of a woman's dress sewn on as a patch or tied around an arm. The back of his jacket has been painted with the Roma flag, a rectangle with the bottom half green, the top half blue, and a red wagon wheel superimposed on the center. His long, slender fingers carry enough rings to be considered tacky, especially considering their low quality and he wears a heavy silver chain about his neck.

Despite his appearance, there is something about Luka's personality that people, especially women, find magnetic. His face has the lean, soulful look of a Byzantine Ikon and his manner is expansive, warm and occasionally boisterous. He does tend to make and leave an impression, for better or worse.

Those looking closely can see a medium sized pistol in a shoulder holster under his jacket. Not a gunslinger's rig, but easier to draw when seated at a console than a holster at the waist or thigh. When expecting more trouble, Luka brings out a carbine modified automatic shotgun, shortened to be easier to handle in the confines of a ship's bridge or hallways.