Makani Ano
Exotic is a word often used to describe a Companion, and it suits Makani Ano perfectly.  She is tall for a companion, standing 5' 9".  Her Polynesian features tend to make people think of swaying palm trees and ocean surf, and she helps with that image through her choice of scents.

Makani prefers natural oils such as coconut and kukui nut, which she uses in her bath and hair rather than as a perfume.

Her specialties include Temple Dance, Hula and Danse Oriental but she is also a trained massuse.

She moves with a dancer's grace, and there is always a hint of amusement behind her eyes.

When she dances a change comes over Makani.  She is at peace, and more importantly-- she becomes the dance.  The story becomes something she must tell and nothing else seems to exist.