Stacey Yanoro
Stacey Yanoro stands at around six feet in height, maybe an inch over and looks to weigh about one-seventy. He has fairly rugged features and is pretty tanned, though years outside tends to get you looking that way. The Captain's black hair is usually unkempt, though not overly messy. With a little effort, he could style it. The same goes for the short stubble he is usually sporting.

He wears practical clothing mostly, tank-tops are favored as well as simple shirts. He tends to wear either thick beige or brown pants tucked into his well kept calf-high leather boots. The most distinctive item of clothing however, is his Browncoat, an easily identifiable icon.

The fact he isn't clean shaven means little though. A heavy military background has taught the man that demeanor is what earns respect, not a haircut.

On his hip is a brown leather holster with what could only be a revolver within.