Haarmon Dak
Dresses like a rich kid's version of 'blending in.' He tends to wear B-list brand name clothes, none of which show any signs of wear or age. His fashion sense is simple and sensible, neither colourful nor showy (he saves that for his behaviour). He always wears a slightly mocking smile on his face, as though everything is a joke and he's the only one who knows the punchline.

Mercurial. Tends to talk a lot and to randomly swing from topic to topic, often enough without warning. Brags relentlessly about the things he's done or can do or will do as soon as someone or another gets the drek off his back and just gives him a chance already. The only real exception is the Nets. As soon as computers come up he gets this little half-smile on his face that says, as
clearly as anything else, that he doesn't have to brag about this. All he has to do is sit and do it. And the bragging just takes care of itself.