A little orange and white R2-series astromech droid, usually referred to as "Oh-oh" by the current owner, Reldan Jalt, after its serial number R2-O0 (letter O, number zero).

"Oh-oh" is also a phrase it tends to utter ever so often, usually when someone attempts something it probably considers foolish.

It is a headstrong little droid that probably have not been mind-wipe, well, ever.  Thus a strong personality has surfaced with its own quirks and flaws, but Oh-oh is not without good sides and resources, luckily.

A quote, or two, or, uh, more:

"Fleeuurp blop blop blurrrrrp *wolf-whistle* blurrr eerp eerp"

(sounds like that, but is actually more like a dull whistle that rises and then drops)

"Frpt wheehoo twit-twit reeep *blaster noise* *cheerful glissando*"

"Tweerp bleep oh-oh blrrrt froop *whistle*"