Reldan Jalt
Physical Description: Young, handsome, dashing, and brave.

Reldan Jalt is in his mid-twenties (standard years), standing about 1.8 metres tall and weighing somewhere between seventy and seventy-five kilograms.  He has unruly brown hair and hazel eyes.  He never goes anywhere without a blaster strapped to his hip.

A Quote: "Trust me.  I know what I'm doing."


  Craft: Corellian YT-2400 Transport
  Type: Stock light freighter
  Length: 21 metres
  Skill: Space Transports: YT-2400 Transport
  Crew: 2; gunners: 1, skeleton 1/+10
  Crew Skill: 5D+2
  Passengers: 6
  Cargo Capacity: 150 metric tons
  Consumables: 2 months
  Cost: 130,000 (new), 32,000 (used)
  Hyperdrive Multiplyer: x2
  Hyperdrive Backup: x12
  Nav Computer: Yes
  Space: 4
  Atmosphere: 480; 800 kmh
  Hull: 5D
  Shields: 2D
    Passive: 10/0D
    Scan: 25/1D
    Search: 40/2D
    Focus: 2/3D
    Laser Cannon
      Fire Arc: Turret
      Crew: 1
      Skill: Starship Gunnery
      Fire Control: 2D
      Space Range: 1-3/12/25
      Atmospheric range: 100-300/1.2/2.5 km
      Damage: 4D