Vekkis Lund
Physical Description: Vekkis Lund is tall for a human, standing at about 2.0 metres tall and massing roughly 80 kilos.  He has pale skin, and careful examination will reveal faded scars on the left side of his face, as if he has been splahed by something that burned him.  Whatever did it, it happened a long time ago.

His irises are a pale blue, almost white, and he squints in bright light, or wears tinted goggles.  His hair is a sandy brown.

A Quote: "I can do it, but it will cost you."

Ship:          "Bold Gambit"
Craft:          Corellian Engineering Corporation YT-1300 transport
Type:           Stock light freighter
Scale:          Starfighter
Length:         26.7 metres
Skill:          Space transports, YT-1300
Crew:           1 (1 can coordinate), gunners 1
Crew skills:    varies
Passengers:     6
Cargo capacity: 100 metric tons
Consumables:    2 months
Cost:           100,000 (new), 25,000 (used)
Hyperdrive:     x2
Hyp backup:     x12
Nav Computer:   Yes
Space:          4
Atmosphere:     480: 800kmph
Hull:           4D
Sensors:        Passive: 10/0D    Search: 40/2D
                Scan:    25/1D    Focus:   2/3D
Weapons:        Laser cannon
                Fire arc:     Turret
                Crew:         1
                Skill:        Starship gunnery
                Fire control: 2D
                Space range:  1-3/12/25
                Atmos range:  100-300/1.2/2.5 km
                Damage:       4D