Jason Sinclair
Name: Jason Sinclair
   Hometown: Dallas, Texas
    Birth: August 21, 2150

Brief Backstory: Jason was as middle class as things got. He had average dreams and an average life. He served in the army before the Last War. He just avoided being drafted for the Faraway Incident. After the army he went to college majoring in law enforcement with a focus on psychology. He had been at college for about a year when a man in a tan duster knocked on his door. The man offered Jason a place in the Texas Rangers. Jason had graduated the Ranger's Academy six months before the War was over. He did his job as best as he could. The War was spiraling out of control and caused a lot of incidents. When the bombs dropped Jason was out the Arizona Desert.

    He went back to headquarters after finishing his assignment and found out what was going on from a few of the other Rangers. Jason looked at them and smiled and said "One riot. One Ranger. Right boys!" with that he went to the armory loaded up a pack and left the headquarters and never looked back. He made his way to the Office in Oklahoma City. Once there he found out that it wasn't just the CSA that had been hit. He forged the locals into a militia and started drafting Rangers. One day a man came looking for recruits. It was Jason's first encounter with a Templar and it wouldn't be his last. He went to Boise and was assigned to a new Templat as a Squire. The Templar was Trejo.

Pre-War religion for Jason would have been Southern Baptist, but now the Saints are his religion. He has a daughter in Oklahoma City area, but he is certain that she is dead. Mom ran off into the Texas High Plains with the daughter shortly before Jason left to go to Boise. Middle name is Jeffrey. Yes his name is Jason Jeffrey Sinclair. There is a joke there.

Physical description is as follows. Jason is about 6'3", Caucasian, black with salt starting to pepper his hair, grey eyes, and an athletic build. If you have seen Babylon 5 John Sheridan comes to mind or even Marcus.

Pre-War family Jason was the third of six children. Two older sisters, a younger brother, and two younger sisters. Eldest sister was Victoria Angelica Sinclair. Older sister is Teresa Marie Sinclair. Younger brother is Johnathan Marcus Sinclair III. Younger sister is Felicia Elizabeth Sunclair. Youngest sister is Kathrine Diane Sinclair. Mother's name was Susan Katya Ivanova. Father was Micheal Alfred Sinclair. Dad was a software engineer for an off shoot of Hellstrome Industries. Mom was a RN at Dallas General.