Name:       Anders Walker
Handle:     Walker
Age:        24
Sex:        Male
Occupation: Mercenary
Height:     6'5"
Weight:     290lbs

Hometown: Juneau, Alaska

Background: Walker grew up as the only son of a Logging Tycoon and Survivalist and his Wife, a Nurse in the local Hospital. When the Bombs hit Juneau was pretty much unaffected, being so far north. Banding together with local US and nearby Canadian Towns and Military Bases the Pacific North West did all right for itself for a while however as time progressed and the weather worsened many Northerners have started to trek South in search of warmer Climates. Walker's family and friends were one such group.

On their journey South the Convoy was intercepted and destroyed by Night Terrors as they rested up one night. Walker was the only known survivor to his knowledge, a young teenager hiding under the body of his slain Father. Upon coming out of hiding and searching the Camp he scavenged what he could and set off again, this time on his own.

Upon reaching the next Friendly Town he sought shelter with the kind-nature'd townsfolk and help work as a Deputy and Medic. Always a kind soul himself he fitted in well in the Town.

Then a Raider Platoon from a nearby Warlord's Camp came for the Town, demanding Taxes and Manpower. When the Town refused the Raiders came back and tried to take what they wanted by Force. As the Enemy attacked a Beggar on the street suddenly threw off his Rags, revealing himself as a Knight of the Templar Order, calling forth the people of the Town to defend themselves. Leading a counter-attack the Templar swept the townsfolk along, directing them where he could and saving many in the process. With most of their forces destroyed swiftly the Raiders regrouped and withdrew, leaving the town alone for a few weeks. In the intervening time Walker and the Templar became fast friends, and Walker decided that he would leave with Templar when he headed back to his Home Base at Boise.

Unfortunately that was not to be.

The Raiders returned almost a month later, this time with several hundred troops. Walker was saved by mere luck, having been out hunting in the mountains. When he returned he found the Town destroyed, houses burning and townsfolk littering the streets. Anyone who had survived had been rounded up and taken off to parts unknown.

In the town square he found the Templar, Sir Rasmasson, crucified and impaled on his own sword.

Doing what he could for the Templar (a Proper Burial at least), he gathered his things, including the Templar's Sword and Tabbard, and headed South, down through the Rockies, in search of the Templar HQ at Boise.

So far he has worked his way to just outside the Boise Maelstrom.