Vundra was a junker from the coast of the Maze. He used to make weapons and armors until one day.... There was a loud bang! The block when up in flame and all the fingers point at him. He cannot deny that he owned alot of flamable and explosives, he tried explain but he got chased down by an angry mob. As he escape on his trusty motorcycle he is forced to live out in the wild west. The enviroment trained him to be brave and face down all the danger. It also taught him to be strong. He is not a very physically fit guy from the start but his  brain kept him alive. He went on many adventure and aquired many items. He now rides on the flying bike he calls Wywern, powered by his own soul and build everything any normal, sane person wouldnt carry around. After his trip, he ends up at the junkyard where he find people with like mind and all the resources to create all but the most complex of his inventions.

He have been though a lot. He was force to live of whatever he can get his hand on as he travel away from town.One day he ate a radiated cat and now it's eye moved up to his and granting him glowy eyes like cat's. He also eat only raw meat......

He is average height and built, his head is clean shaved with a cable attached to it. Other junker may know it as a soul tap. He have an armored vest that is also a spirit battery that he wears around. He also carries two energy pistols. Also you will rarely find him without grenades strapped on his belt.

Wywern is a black polished Vtol with large storage compartment under it. It have four turbine engine and a small weapon wing  mounted under them. Vundra says that it have a gigantic shield generator that defect all but the largest weapon and he is very protective of the bike. Under it wings there are a spare Batery packs and two Energy gun that Vundra calls Voxar cannon