Brother Edgar
Though he hardly ever talks about it, before the Big Bang Ed was a junkie living in Tucson until he was 20 or 21, he doesn't quite remember.  Constantly chasing any kind of high to fill a void in his life.  After yet another rehab, he finally decided to make a change.  But, his addiction was strong and a few weeks outside of the rehab he found himself heading down bad roads.  He came to after a solid week of getting strung out again and, in as close to a sober mind as he could, begged the heavens to stop him.  To change his life.  Maybe someone listened.  That day the bombs fell.  The radiation warped him.  He felt cursed and wandered the wastelands, still seeking something to fill the hole.  He found the Cult.  He finally felt peace and wholeness within the Glow.  He knew this was what he was meant for, that his life had been leading to here.  He broke away as an intitiate along with Joan's Schismatics and has since become a well-regarded missionary for the good Doomsayers.  He no longer feels the pull of addicition.  Only the warmth of the Glow.

Brother Edgar is a purple-robed man of average build.  He generally wears the hood of his robe up, which should cast his face into shadow.  But, his skin has a slight green phosphorescence; a literal glow.  His eyes are dark, but open and friendly.  A thin goatee beard is worn, once black but bleaching to white.  His hair is much the same, when it can be seen.  His robes bear the omega cross of a Doomsayer.  His waist is belted round with a military web belt, from which dangles a Geiger counter and a sheathed knife.  The rest of his clothing is sturdy, if travelworn.

Sermon after the Battle of Pantano Station-

Brothers and sisters in the Glow, I bring you glad tidings!  I say to you this day, the old world is gone and the new one begins.  The struggles you face now are the birth pains of utopia.  Change does not come easy.  Before the Bombs fell, praise be to Saint Bates, I was a sinner.  I was once lost to a world of drugs and crime.  But the Bomb entered my life and the Power of the Atom burned away the weakness.  I was born anew! So it was with me, so it can be with you.  The Atom so loved the world that it erased the Old to begin the New!

You too can embrace the Glow, embrace the hope of a bright future for the Chosen!  Yes, the Chosen.  Sadly, those not blessed by the touch of the Bomb are Doomed.  They will not join us in utopia.  But remember, it is through them that the Bomb was brought forth.  We can still learn from the Doomed.  The Doomed can still help to bring about this better world for the Chosen.  The love of the Atom for us once powered the world.  Now that love empowers us to change the world!

But many amongst the Doomed do not agree with this vision!  They would try to hold onto the lost, sinful old world.  They would try to kill and exile the Chosen.  Some amongst the Chosen would see the Doomed killed just the same.    We must deal with these misguided assertively, defend our people and our future.  Try to help them see the error of their ways.  Ours is a path of peace, but we must be prepared to fight those who would destroy us.  Those who would stand in the way of the Atomic Future.  As you have seen this day, the Wrath of the Bomb upon them can be terrible to behold.

Remember always:  In the name of the twisted, In the image of the deformed, In the fury of the Atom, In the glow of the Bomb, The new age arose!