COL Kurt L. Schaeffer
The Colonel is a Caucasian male, 42 years old and 6'6" tall. His face and body are heavily scarred from the fighting he's been through during his life; judging from the way his face looks it was a lot, some of it at very close ranges.

He usually wears an Infantry Battlesuit in a clearly non-American camouflage pattern of mottled browns and greens; if he prepares for a fight he will don a Ghillie suit as well. He seldom wears his helmet; instead he prefers a boonie hat in the same camouflage pattern as his suit or a red barret.

Apart from his serious-looking sniper rifle, the Colonel is heavily armed with a SA M4 carbine on a patrol sling, a Mauser pistol in a tactical rig on his right thigh and for close combat a bayonet and a beautifully made Officer's dress sword.
He carries his equipment in the pouches of his suit and in the battlepack that attaches to the suit's back.

The Colonel is very confident of his skills, some would say overconfident. Then again, he's still alive so he might be very lucky...or just as good as he believes himself to be. He doesn't make friends easily, but those that he trusts and that proove worthy of his trust are cherished and Shaeffer will go to great lengths for them.
Though most would not believe it, he is an avid reader who likes books a lot, though he doesn't own any at this time.

Shaeffer speaks with a pronounced germanic accent, often mixing words form his native German into the English he speaks if his vocabulary shows itself to be lacking.

COL Schaeffer was part of the German contingent that fought with the CSA army during the Last War.

The Fernspäherkompanien under his command acted as pathfinders and long-range reconnaissance for the German Fallschirmjäger units in North America.

The Colonel's sniper rifle:

Schaeffer's BMW R75 Replika