Michaela Fukushima
Michaela is an Asian woman, 22 years old and 5'5". She dresses in a replica WWII-era USN/USAAF bomber jacket over a leather vest, denim shirt and trousers, with motorcycle boots. He hair is covered by a bandanna, and she's armed with a Katana and Wakazashi sheathed at her belt and a lever-action Winchester rifle in her hand. What few possessions she has is carried in a satchel across her shoulders, and her spare ammunition is in a pouch on her belt.

She is quiet, but will offer her opinion if directly asked or believes it's really important. Michaela is loyal to friends and tries not to use her good looks to her advantage. She is slow to trust people and can usually tell when they're not being truthful.

Born to a Japanese-American father and a European mother, Michaela grew up in New Vancouver, Washington. New Van is a town under the protectorate of the Daimyo of Portland, the man who her father served. She started to follow him on the path of the Samurai (these ones were not as obsessed as the historical ones about the subservient role of women). Although she was secure in her home, she saw the destruction and misery around her.

Hidden under a quiet exterior is a dry wit and sharp humour. Fighting against stereotype, she tries to call Arthur "Chief" or "Boss", but still occasionally calls him "Sensei" if she's being sarcastic.

Interview with Librarian Calvin Wolkewitz:

"About a year ago, I felt some kind of calling to do something. Things were all right in our corner of the world, but I could tell that things weren't getting better. It just seemed like no matter what, evil was growing stronger year after year, we were going backwards, not forwards after the Big Bang. What kind of world would it be for our children?

About six months ago I helped a man on the road while he was fighting some bandits. After, we talked and although I thought he was kind of strange at first, I realised we believed in the same things. He was a Templar named Arthur Dayne, and I asked if I could follow him.

I know, that's unusual for me to trust someone like that right off the bat, but something (or someone) told me that this was the right thing to do. Not sexual, but like fate. Anyways, Arthur is my guide and teacher, not my boyfriend. Like a big brother.

When I told my parents, they were heartbroken. Dad was furious! But I was determined. After, I gathered what I could and we've been traveling ever since. Most of the time we spend on the road, going from community to community. Arthur's been teaching me how to fight, and more importantly why and for whom. As well, there's the unwritten code all Templars follow. Some day I'll be on my own, doing this. I never went to church much when I was younger, but I believe in God and good and evil. By serving humanity we serve the cause of good. Maybe that's how we serve God's purposes as well, I don't know but I like to think so.

Recently, we were in a place called Pantano Station. It looked nice on the outside, but after we'd been there for a bit it was obvious something was rotten. The people walked around in fear, and the Mayor was nothing more than a thug backed by a whole lot of men with guns.

Some Mutie refugees under this Atom Preacher guy decided to pass through town. The Mayor decided he was going to rob them of everything and kill them, and he could get away with it because no one would say nothing to the Law Dogs. We got there when the shooting started and joined in because it was obvious that the Preacher was worthy of our assistance. It looked like we were in trouble, then someone with a sniper rifle started taking off heads and a trucker plowed right into the gunmen and they scattered. That's how we met Roadkill, Peter, Jane, Smoker and Rowan."

"So that's when things got really interesting, when we were escorting a posse of mutant pilgrims to Last Chance, New Mexico..."