Rowan Dawson
Rowan has waist length dark auburn hair and emrald green eyes. On her forehead she wears a red and black band with a green stone in the center of her forehead. She stands at 5'6" tall and weighs 130lbs. Her body is tone but femine. She wears either riding skirts with suitable tops and boots or leather trews,and a leather tunic with the same boots. She has a tendency to wear silver jewelry. She carries a bag with her necessities over one shoulder, and a paramedic medical bag over the other.

Although she does favour natural fabrics, she does occasionally wear her now rather weathered Gore-Tex rain jacket with PARAMEDIC in reflective tape on the back. She's also armed with an AK-47 and carries a shoulder pouch with spare magazines and a hand grenade.

Personality-wise, she's talkative and outgoing. She also loves to tell stories and get to know people.

Rowan's 33 years old, and was a rookie Frederick County Paramedic in Maryland before Judgement Day. She considered herself something of a flake and new-age mystic, although to anyone's knowledge she was never under investigation by the Agency (the super-secret government unit dedicated to stamping out the super-natural). She did know a lot about the occult and dabble in homeopathic remedies.

Tormented by dreams of the coming apocalypse, she prepared for the end and tried to warn others, including her family, but they ignored her. When the Big Bang happened she managed to flee to a somewhat more remote cabin on family property across the state line in rural Pennsylvania. She'd stocked it in preparation of Judgement Day and hoped her family and friends would join her, but they never arrived. After living there in hiding for two years and constantly being on the lookout for road gangs and marauders, she decided to head west on her own. The Wasted West has it's own share of problems, but at least there was more room to move and more survivors to help. And more distance between her and her demons.

Now, she wanders the west looking for people to help in order to atone for the loss of her family and friends. She knows it wasn't her responsibility but can't shake the guilt.

Currently, she is helping a renegade Doomsayer named "Brother Edgar" escort a party of the Chosen (mutants) walk from Tucson to the deserted ghost town of Chance City, New Mexico to set up a settlement where they can live in peace. Ambushed at the town of Pantano Station, she helped fight off the ruthless attackers and tended the wounded.

Fire and Rescue Services badge, Frederick County, Maryland.

First Aid Kit.

Paramedic Jacket.

AK-47 Kalashnikov.

Silver Pendant.

Silver Athame (Knife).

Rowan's T-Shirts.