Smoker Nix
"Smoker" Nix as he is known, the result of his almost ever present tobacco pipe, is a street kid who grew into a scavenger and eventually into a tech. He's a specialist in going into old ruins, finding tech gear and getting it working again. That can be everything from a flashlight to a radio and up to a vehicle.

He is young, about 19 or 20 (he isn't sure), meaning that he has no real memory of life before the bombs dropped. He has grown up on the streets of the ruins of St. Louis, scavenging to survive. He then progressed on to making things work.  He is insanely curious about things, always wanting to work out how something works and then fixing it, even if it wasn't broken in the first place. His scavenging occasionally get him into trouble as he sometimes helps himself to things that other people still regard as their own, something that has gotten him into trouble recently.

Those who've spent any time with Nix have noticed that one of the results of his young age is that he tends to come up with mystical explanations for anything strange. If an engine wont work it's because of gremlins inside making the gas lumpy and if something electrical wont work it's because someone has been rude to the electric spirit inside.

Physically Nix is not a very big man. He stands about 5'8" tall and only weighs about 150lbs. He seems to be fairly nimble, with good hand eye coordination but he lacks the speed to make it as a gunslinger, despite the pistol he wears.  His blond hair is worn short and spiky as he somehow manages to get most of it sticking upwards, though this may not be deliberate as he doesn't seem to be particularly interested in his appearance. His face shows little sign of stubble, as though he has trouble growing a beard, but this doesn't seem to bother him as it adds to his "boyish charm".

Nix dresses in a weird collection of clothing. He wears fairly inexpensive home-made clothing, a simple brown shirt and a pair of thick blue trousers, but with some interesting items added. His boots are designed to protect him when scavenging in ruined buildings - they have metal plates riveted to them making them quite heavy but increasing the protection they provide and helping to ensure that his feet don't get ripped to shreds by shards of glass during his searches. He wears an dirty brown armoured longcoat over the top and frequency adds a pair of biker goggles and an improvised kheffiyeh when it is dusty.

Nix also has a set of improvised webbing to hold the spare magazines for his rifle, an antique FN-FAL. He wears a long belt, with three ammo pouches stitched to it, across his chest, from his right shoulder to his left hip where it is attached to the gunbelt he also wears.

His gunbelt also has a holstered pistol on his right hip, an old Police issue Colt Python revolver, with a machete in a scabbard on his left hip and a couple of small belt pouches either side of the central buckle.  The inside pockets of his longcoat contain several other items of interest, a pair of binoculars, a walkie-talkie, a Geiger counter, a set of lockpicks, a flashlight and, most importantly, his pipe and tobacco pouch.

Connections to other characters:

Nix met Dakota Jack a while ago when they shared a cell together.  Nix was in jail accused of theft after a misunderstanding over who some engine parts belonged to and Dakota Jack had had his own misunderstanding over a game of poker and a riot that had ensured.

A little while later Nix hooked up with Roadkill, who he'd known previously when Roadkill had needed some repairs done to his truck, joining him primarily as a mechanic but also as another guard.  This has also led to Nix meeting Peter Firecrow and Jane Guin, who have signed on as a chase vehicle crew for Roadkill's truck.