This short but stocky Mexican looks like a man who got into a head butting competition with a lawn-mower and won.  He's been around, fought in a few wars and tried to right some wrongs.  His hair is long and greasy, and his handlebar mustache is so manly it has been rumored to make women pregnant.  Currently he can be found cruising the wastes on his old hog, a long since faded yellow Kawasaki Vulcan.

Those that hear his name have possibly heard the story that he punched Death in the face and lived! What this means or is even true is anyone's guess. This tale of epic badassery is mostly known in and around the old Southern Alliance or Combine, and will get him a free beer here and there, if nothing else.

Trejo's bike when new:

His usual garb is a big duster, some leather pants and a leather vest.  Under the duster he has a large selection of blades, and his old Mexican Army Pistol (it doesn't get used much as a real man likes to feel his enemies last breath escape him)

After the war and fleeing Throckmorton's goons, Trejo joined up with the Templars, being a catholic before hell opened up, he fit right in.  Since then he has been cruising the wastes helping people where he can (when they deserve it) and stomping out Combine whenever he gets the chance.