'Cannibal' Jack Hayes
Jack Dallas Hayes  aka "Cannibal Jack"

In his late thirties about 200lbs. Surviving meant his ethic's have slid off the edge a bit.  Times were hard for several winters, doing things that he tries to forget. Trying to do good, like protecting that Doctor fella.

Boy ... that went wrong. Learned some medicine, but still it was wrong.

Oh lets put it out there on the table now. Doc was researchin' and looking for medical supplies. Down in this vault we saw many empty jars. All with lil bodies in fluid. Some were still moving. . Doc was happy about the find, and talking about the research and profiting from selling to the 'Combine' our discovery. Short story... FULL AUTO. The fire was pretty though the burns hurt. Scarring Jack greatly.

Jack isn't the fastest or best 'Shootist', just looking for a lil place and setting up somewhere at a settlement.

Jack wears an armored duster with heavy leather pants. A bandoleer dangles off to the side with a machete in its scabbard. The butts of 2  S.A. Officers sidearms are in a cross draw rig on his belt. The S.A. rifle is normally always carried and not slung. 3 extra magazines for it are attached to the bandoleer.