Sgt. Ian Sullivan
"Before the bomb dropped I was a Mountie and a good one at that.  I finished my training in the top 5 at Depot.  My first assignment was in a community policing centre in Richmond BC, during that time I picked up some Chinese.  I was able to make Corporal in record time.  I then got a transfer to Ottawa, some said I was being groomed for upper staff.  The it happened, I pulled over the wrong person who was "very" connected on "The Hill", a scandal broke out, I was promoted again to a sgt and sent to a minor rural town to run the dept there.  The Brass all told me it was just until the minister's trial was over and the news stopped bring it up every news cycle.

That never happened, less then a year later the bombs dropped.  I stayed with the town for a while until most moved on.  I heard the rumours of someone trying to bring order back to the land.  I then grabbed my gear and headed to meet Swindall.  I listened to her and become one of her "Law Dogs".  In the last 13 years I have been doing my best to bring justice to a lawless land."

A middle aged man who is very friendly around the population but when he looks at you, if you have done something, it looks like he is staring in to your soul.

He normally wears an All Weather bomber jacket(see what the RCMP wear right now), after Boise he has started to wear his RCMP patches on his shoulders again.

He carries on his hip a 10MM handgun, 2 spare mags, and pair of hand cuffs.