Joe Darkthorne
Name: Joe *cough*Ninja*cough* Darkthorne
Age: 19
Hair color: Brown
Eye color: Blue
Skin color: White
Height: 5'11

Desc:  Entirely generic.  Joe is an almost tall, slim young man with short brown hair, blue eyes, and an expression usually of the 'I'm putting up with something' variety.  His clothing usually consists of the slacker default of T-Shirt+Jeans+Sneakers and the implied undergarments.  The closest thing to variety would be his tendency towards Wet Ash Gray zip hoodies or windbreakers, the choice between them depending on the weather.

Personality:  Joe has a conflicted personality, so far as the desire for sarcasm about people doing stupid unsafe things and a conscience that makes him do stupid unsafe things is conflicted.  He is the sort of person who likes to sleep in, will complain about effort citing laziness, but consistently puts in the amount of effort needed when procrastinating isn't an option anymore.  Joe is aware he sways between looking like, and actually being a bitter whiner, but intends to keep his whining away from angst territory and firmly in shallow annoyances territory.  He is either good with or horrible with small children, depending on how well 'take their questions seriously and give them straight answers' works for a given situation.

History:  Let's take a moment to consider how Joe's Father David met his mother Eliza.  David met Eliza years ago at a rally/fundraiser for Women's equal rights in the military.  More precisely, David hid in the back of Eliza's car without her knowledge to escape said rally unhospitalized after announcing they only needed one more signature for the Petition to make Women Eligible for the Draft just like Men are a winner.  David's first words to Eliza were "If I give you back your mace will you please not use it on me?... Nice gun.".

  Now while Joe's life lacked any Comic book worthy, or even Real life worthy drama until joining up with the Citizen Patrol, keep in mind the kind of people he was raised by.

Powers: Fast platform game physics (Lazy answer, Freeware game N )'Sissy Invulnerability'.  He'll survive getting shot or crashing at high speed just fine.  Getting back up is a matter of 'Well, how easily could the average healthy teenager pick themselves up after Mike Tyson just decked them?'.

  Average High school Graduate: Joe made it through the public education system, and has already forgotten the majority of what he learned.
  Jaded:  Joe can handle the bizarre insanity that turns up in a world full of Mutants and potential Etc, if not with a straight face, then well enough to keep functioning without having gone mad from the revelation.