Mandy Patterson
Name: Mandy Patterson
Age: 19
Gender: Female

Physical Description:
Mandy is a plain looking girl; average in so many ways that she gets lost in a crowd of three.   Her mousey brown hair hangs to just below shoulder length; framing an average face, with unnotable brown eyes. 

She is of an average height; and slightly overweight.  While her inner self yearns to be popular, she is to shy to wear anything other than baggy, earth tone clothing like jeans, t-shirts and the like.  Her favorite shoes are her Nike sneakers. 

Mandy is the middle of three children, to a suburban blue collar family.  Her older sister, Hannah, is studying her Honors in Law/Criminology, and is the apple of everyone's eye.  Her younger sister, Martha (Marti), is an attention seeking teen trouble magnet ... who will either (or, likely, both) become an extreme sports star, or need Hannah's legal aid sometime in her future.  

Mandy is, well, just Mandy.  She is starting Uni this year, studying Arts. She likes boys, and movies, and horses.  She has no idea about politics, or religion.  
But she can turn into wind.  

She discovered this about 2 years ago; when she was running away, scared, from a group of kids chasing her through a park. 
She is exhilarated by the idea, and the experience, but petrified of anyone finding out her secret. She fears that her family will not understand, that they will not see it as a gift, but as some mutant freakish ability. 

And so she has hidden the ability from everyone; experiencing and practicing the ability in the private places and times that she can find. 

She is still, today, harboring this secret. 

Like many young people, especially caught between two such extraverted sisters, Mandy doesn't really know who she is, or where she fits in this world.  
The fact that she is a mutant freak does not help.  
And so Mandy is pretty shy; never seeking to call attention upon herself.  
If engaged in private conversation, one might meet the happy, friendly woman inside ... but generally, she's the very average and forgettable girl 'in the background'. 

Mandy can transform into wind ... nothing more than a mild breeze ... for about as long as she could, otherwise, hold her breath.
For this duration, in this airy form, she can
- fly
- go unnoticed as a slight breeze
- move light objects with her swirling presence
- go where she pleases (except air sealed locations)
- fit into small jars and such
- remain unharmed by physical threats
When she reforms into her physical body, though, she is tired in the same way as she would have been if she had been holding her breath for that long ... often taking as long to regain her breath as she had been transformed for.

- knows a lot about computers: hardware, programming, games
- is good at 'obfuscating' and going unseen
- riding horses
- can drive; and has a Licence, and a crappy old car
- is a movie buff
- is an avid (and quite extraverted) online social networker
- can cook a pretty good meal; and knows a wide variety of styles
- is a pretty good author ... and could probably make a living from the art, if she had the confidence and drive. 
- can do some wonderful origami and other paper craftwork
- is totally up on celebrity gossip
- dreams about being a celebrity
- wonders what it would be like to be a boy