Name: Gale Christian  (She's Timothius's older sister.)
Age: 16
Alias: Mittens
Gender: Female

Physical/Lazy Description: Usually looks like this: (Thank you, Timo! ^.^) but with more modern clothes.  Like loose fitting jeans and T-Shirt.

Hair color: Brown
Skin color: Tan
Height: 5'5"
Weight: 120 lbs
Clothing preference:
Loose fitting jeans, T-shirts.
Other: Almost always smiling.

Ever seen Rhino the Hampster from the movie Bolt?  Mittens is just like Rhino.  Insatiable appetite for adventure!  She eats danger for breakfast!  She fears very few things.  Things like responsibility.

Background: Gale was the firstborn of two children, and she fit the "A" type personality to a T even at an early age.  Of course, her fearlessness was limited to the more ordinary adventures a child could get themselves into: bicycle stunts, rock climbing, exploring the neighborhood "haunted house" at night, etc., etc.  Her parents did their best to discipline her and found that no amount of punishment or reward could curb her appetite for adventure, so they instead redirected it.  If there was a martial arts class they could sign her up for, they would sign her up.  If there was a school musical, they'd sign her up.  If there was a sports event, they'd sign her up.  Gymnastics, Music, Field Trips, Girl Scouts, anything that was time consuming and adventurous, but had ADULT SUPERVISION.  This worked well until she reached puberty...

Powers: Adventure Magnet
Besides the obvious change to her appearance, it didn't take long for Gale to understand her new found power.  Gale developed a superhuman magnetism for adventure.  She could feel it.  If there was a puppy trapped in burning building, she knew.  If there was fabulous hidden treasure guarded by crocodiles, she knew.  She could even sense adventure before it happened.  By now she's figured out it's on a sliding scale.  The bigger the adventure, the more she can feel it.  The biggest adventures she can sense from about a mile away or a day in advance if close to where it will happen.

1) Childhood of adventure!
She's experienced in, but not necessarily very good at, a wide array of things that ordinary human kids obsessed with adventure wind up skilled in: Karate, Gymnastics, Swimming, Rock Climbing, Music, Art, Boating, Aviation, etc, etc, etc.  However, if it's something that most girls know, but seems a little boring to Gale, like... sewing, she's worse than a novice.

2) Cat-like.
Slightly better than human when it comes to things that cats are better than humans at.