Sarieth is the child of Lissai, just a babe in her mother's arms when Lissai immigrated into Kassen. Ever since she was a child she was completely fascinated with magic, and studied under virtually every spellcaster in town in an attempt to learn how to use it. Yet doing errands for Olmira, sneaking into Holgast's tower, praying with Father Prasst, and even studying with the Varigdan children in the vain hope of picking up sorcery proved fruitless. Until one day, she came across a young fox trapped in one of Arnama's snares and, in a burst of sympathy, released it.

In the year since, the fox has been her constant companion and she's managed a few weak spells. Clearly something she tried worked, and despite the occasional odd glance from Father Prasst she's over the moon.