Name: Tara Whitewood
Height: 5'10"
Weight: 130 lbs
Hair/Eyes: Brown/Violet

Tara's violet almond shaped eyes and pointed ears reveal her elven heritage but her round face and shorter height show an equally strong human influence as well.
Most people see Tara while she's working at the Seven Silvers wearing a black bodice over a white chemise, a long red skirt and a pair of comfortable boots.  If tips have been particularly bad the day before, it wouldn't be unheard of her to push things up a bit to encourage a little more generosity from the male patrons the next night.  Tara's won a few dagger throwing contests at the tavern and is never without her favorite dagger even if it isn't visible, it seems to magically appear in her hand when needed.
In Tara's room sits a pre-packed backpack, filled with all her travel necessities resting next to her father's sword, newly acquired leather armor and knee high traveling boots.  Her adopted father doesn't look forward to her leaving but as a halfling, he definitely understands her reasons more than most others in town.  As if her intentions weren't clear enough, she's also started honoring Desna by wearing her symbol on a small gold necklace.