Name: Flora
Age: ???

History: A small woman with butterfly wings and pointy ears. She wore a billowing chiffon gown that loosely danced around her thighs as it seemed like a light breeze danced around her. The blonde long hair running wildly down her back as it was entwined in vines and violet. Her shoulders and arms bare to expose the sun kissed skin which patches of ivy vines grew and danced along her arms. The leather boots came up to mid thigh. Her eyes were sea-green with a touch of purple around the pupil. That was little Flora

Flora controlled the Earth and plant life around her. A fey created for creation and who slept nestled in the arms of a giant willow tree that lay in the wilds. Her treasure were flowers and plants that she collected throughout the years. She comes by the light of the rising moon or the rising sun to bring life to the farm lands of the humans. Helping farmers with good hearts to grow their crops and make sure there is food for the villages in the area.

There were times when she would venture from the safety of her home within the large tree to look out at the mountains like she was longing for something or someone. A tear escaping her eyes before it joined the stream that flowed not to far away. Her abilities extended over the water as she formed small balls and deposited the droplets over the leaves to look like morning dew. A true creature of nature with a heart of gold.

When she is angry it is said that the Earth rolls beneath the tiny Fey's feet and creates the landslides or avalanche's.

Quote: "A brief flicker of light amongst the darkness"