Gangly and awkward, Irios is a curiously structured drake with dust-covered opalescent green scales so dark as to be almost black but a pair of short, swept-back horns crowning his head behind a heavy jaw and large golden eyes. Straggly and unkempt, he has the the typically over-sized paws and head of a young dragon starting to come into his real growth, both of which promise considerable size to come and though he is somewhere around fifteen feet from nose to tailtip (a massive size for any Black of his apparent age, or any Green come to that) he shows the gaunt build and chipped, slowly developing scales of the runt of a litter, held back by scant meals and long deprivation.

 His mannerisms tend to the nervous and quick, his eyes darting and his body language distinctly unthreatening, as though he's trying with every moment to fade so completely into the background that he couldn't possibly be worth wing-buffeting or biting.