Bubbles is an Elemental Faerie.

She governs the Element of Water and all that it entails, including the domains of cold and ice.

As a faerie, she has her natural Form, that of a two inch Fey. She has Blue Hair and Blue eyes to Represent her element. She can call the rains, hails or snows, she can still raging rivers or cause great rolling waves on the ocean, she can freeze water with a thought or thaw it. She can summon and conjure water, or ice out of thin air. She is the Element of Water.

She has her Glowing orb from, which is a Tiny ball of blue light, enabling her to move at swift speeds through an area.

And she has her Human form, that she uses rarely and only when she needs something from a human village, or when she must interact with humans.

She has 4 Sisters, the Elements of Earth, Air, Fire and Spirit.