Felarica has lived in the Broken Baronies for over 900 years, disguised as a reclusive witch and sage. Very few people ever have the chance to see her, so her image has changed only slightly.

Her mothers name was Jafilerica, and so she named her only daughter Jafilla. She is an ancient Silver Dragon, though is never seen in her true form.

She prefers to wander around in her elven form. Her eyes are a striking cobalt blue, with hints of silver flecks through out, framed with a think set of very long lashes.  Her long white blond hair is light and floats around her as she moves, reaching nearly her waist when she is still. She is tall for an elf, and dresses in soft blues and greens.

She has changed her path from that of her ancestors, preferring the Druidic ways then that of the Sorcerer ways silver dragons tend to favour. The animals in her domain, all know that Felarica looks out for them so tend to be more relaxed and at peace that others of their same type. Hidden gardens grow randomly, though she knows where each and every one is. They are self sufficient in as they donít need to visit town to survive.

Her daughter, her pride and joy, came from a union with a fey lord, Sabourin. Their love lasted as long as the feys nature would allow. Both bear the marks of the fey, having been initiated into their ways as well.

Those who dare to train under Felarica, generally stay quite some time, for she is a wealth of knowledge, that cannot be learned in one day. They also tend to be slightly stronger in powers then others of different teachers, for though she is kind and patient, she expects nothing less then the best put forward. If you come seeking information, you best come bearing gifts, or knowledge that she might deem worth having, or you will not find her home. She has a number of creatures testing and watching to note if who ever is approaching is worth meeting. Should she wish to meet someone, a dragon statuette will be left, and it will guide them to her home, should they still pass the tests on the way there. Should they fail, the dragon statuette turns to dust, guiding no further once the first test has been failed.

Her housing is an under ground cavern system, hidden by the illusions of the Fey who watch over her as she watches over them. There is a certain trick to finding her entrance, if one does not have true seeing. The front of the system is where the guests stay and study, the back half, forbidden to all, is where Jafilla and Felarica reside most of the time. They do stay up front, when there are guests studying there.

Jafilla is no longer staying at her mothers home, having been captured and on her way to the Death Knights domain. Both mother and daughter have a telepathic link, so they stay in touch as to what is happening. Should something go terribly wrong, she has the means to pull her daughter out of there.

Both mother and daughter seek to restore Crimson, the Paladin Protector to his rightful place of rule. Crimson, who they know of through the fey communities. As well as saving Anastasia, one whom they grew fond of as se studied under them for a year.