Rowena is a bit darker then most fairies. She is tall (4.5”) and beautiful
with a slender body. She has long black hair that hangs down past her butt.
She has a friendly but sad look in her eyes. She looks to be in her late teens.
Even her wings have a dark hue to them, betraying her darker heritage. She
has several spiral tattoo’s on her. She prefers to wear dark clothing. She
always wears a blue crystal that hands from a necklace.

Rowena is friendly and outgoing. She does have a reputation for having a temper
at times though. She is very curious and is always trying to find out about
new things. If her mother would allow it, she would have traveled away from
the glade to explore more. So far, she has only traveled just outside of the
glade with her mother. She loves to go out under the moon at night.  She tends
to hunt for meat in her hawk form, having a taste for it.

Her mother was taken by an incubus while in her human size form. Rowena is the
child of that union, the good fairy and a demon. When she was a child, her
mother had her  blessed by a good cleric. As a child though, Rowena always
had a darker side and a darker take on things. She seemed at home in the light as well as in the darkest of night.

She loves to sing, dance and play music but her mood always betrays her. She
can sing to calm a person or to engage them. She seems to love to entrance
males to her with her singing or dancing.  She once was in a bad mood and sang
near a bee’s nest and enraged them accidentally.  She has also made people
dance all night till they dropped.  She does like to show off, like it is
second nature to her.