Saud is a half-dragon half-human. His mom, aliceia was a human. His dad, Kauld, is a ferocious dragon who will do anything to get things to add to his hoard.

Saud is a loner, due to his herritage and the form it has caused him to be in. His entire lower body is dragonic, and digitarite (Unsure how it's spelled.) He has a pair of dragon wings, and a dragon's tail. His dad is a black dragon, but the scales Saud has are green. Saud wears his dark brown hair short and simple. He wears a long coat, long pants, and shoes in towns. Wearing these, he seems to be a normal human. His eyes are a human brown, but have been turning a dragonic green as of late.

Sometimes Saud will sink into something called the dragon's rage. He compleately loses control and causes mass destruction. He carrys a sword to protect himself. Sometimes in his rage, he will sprout dragon claws and slash things up.