Ganiah Nkosi
Ganiah grew up in a comfortable life. His mother is a healer and his father is a magial veterinarian who also runs a shop specializing in goods for the care of magical animal creatures. In his acceptance dream Shaka Zulu, a great warrior-wizard, came to him and called upon him to attend Uagadou to learn what he needed to fulfill his dreams of travelling the world, studying other remote magical traditions. His first three years saw Ganiah learning covering the basics of magical theory, history, and animal care. During his third year he started to branch out into Runes, defense against the dark arts, and "Primitve Magical Traditions," a sort of anthropology class. He was selected as an alternate for the quidditch team towards the end of his first year, though didn't start for the first team until early in his third year when his growth spurt finally hit. His new-found strength has lead to him becoming a solid beater.